Switzerland attracts visitors with its picturesque natural landscape, countless architectural works tinted with ancient colors.

Lucerne is one of the ancient cities in Switzerland, located on the snow-covered Alps. Surrounding the city is the clear water of the Reuss River. It attracts visitors by medieval architecture buildings, cobblestone streets on the sidewalk or romantic winter atmosphere.

The highlight of Lucerne is a wooden Chapel bridge dating back to the 14th century. Visitors can stop by the bridge, watch the river flow, or go to the other side to see Lake Lucerne. History buffs can visit the Swiss Transport Museum. For a panoramic view of Lucerne, you can go to Dietschiberg on the north side of Lake Lucerne, go to Mount Pilatus by cable car, or to Mount Rigi.

Zurich will also make you excited by the many typical European streets, surrounded by hills and lakes. The days are clear, far away on the horizon, you can see the Alps that every winter comes back to become fanciful. The peaceful, charming look of the shops, cafes, galleries is an attraction to many tourists visiting this place. 

Here, you can explore the old town of Altstadt, visit the Fraumünster church with stained glass windows or the Kunsthaus Zurich art museum. Do not forget to admire the poetic Lake Zurich.

Coming to Switzerland, it would be a pity if you did not take the Titlis Rotair cable car, transporting and rotating 360 degrees to the top of Mount Titlis. On this cable car, you will have many views of the natural landscape around Titlis. 

The higher you go, the landscape gradually changes to the white snow of ice. Do not forget to stop at the frozen Ice Grotto cave with fanciful light. You follow the icy tunnel, delight to admire the sculptures carved from monolithic ice. All are displayed and arranged by theme.

Located in Schaffhausen, Rhine is Europe’s largest waterfall. At times, the water here rises sharply, rushing into the cliffs, but sometimes it flows smoothly and gently like the surface of a lake. The majestic waterfall with the rushing flow down the narrow valley, splashing bubbles creates a majestic scenery.

Climb aboard the yacht on the Rhine, you will capture the majestic beauty of the waterfall as well as the scenery on both sides of the river. It is Laufen castle located next to the Rhine waterfall with medieval architecture. There is also a restaurant and hotel to serve visitors. Below the castle is a railway line with a station connected to the castle via a footpath.

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