In the town of Nordlingen, Germany, despite knowing it lives on tons of diamonds, people here have no intention of getting rich from this precious material.

Nordlingen is the classic German town. It attracts visitors by the story of thousands of tons of diamonds scattered throughout the region. The diamonds are the result when an asteroid falls into this area at a speed of 25km / s about 15 million years ago. Under the heat and pressure, the collision created raw suevite. This type of stone contains components glass, crystal and diamond.

Gisela Posges, a local geologist, said the asteroid was a rock weighing about 3 billion tons. In 898 AD, settlers started coming and built the town of Nordlingen. In the middle ages, they built a wall to protect the town. This work still exists today. For construction, workers collected materials, including suevite.

During the town building process, the townspeople didn’t realize they were living on tons of valuable diamonds. Until the 1960s, geologists confirmed that there was a huge collision when an asteroid fell to Earth.

A decade later, new scientists analyzed the rocks and discovered diamonds. Throughout the town is covered with diamond dust. They estimate that the town is home to more than 72,000 tons of gems. St. Peter’s Church The famous Georgs here is made of suevite, containing about 5,000 carats of diamond. 

However, the diamonds are very small, the largest is 0.3 mm, does not bring economic value. You can only observe them with a microscope. Therefore, people here do not consider enriching from gems despite knowing where they live contains many diamonds. Instead, the town focuses on developing tourism from this story.

Today, the diamond town has attracted many visitors from around the world to visit. Outside the church Georgs, to the town, you can visit many other interesting attractions to learn the special history of this place such as the Ries crater museum, the Stadtmuseum museum …

The Ries Crater Museum of Nordlingen regularly organizes guided tours in the town with exhibits collected locally and from other places. This destination is also a place for tourists to explore cuisine, enjoy peaceful space and beautiful check-in with many virtual living corners on the street, in restaurants and cafes

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