The journey of discovery throughout Iceland has left me with impressive and unforgettable experiences about the natural beauty and people.

Journey to maturity and self-improvement

Although I have traveled and witnessed many majestic landscapes around the world, I am most impressed with the journey to discover Iceland. It was the first trip of my life. In those 8 days, we drove through the night on a distance of more than 2,300 km along Highway 1, the road that runs around the coast of Iceland. Roadtrip in Iceland, you will not have to spend too much effort searching and adventure, just go around the No. 1 ring road running around the country. At the beginning of the journey, every 5 minutes, I stopped the car to take pictures because of the beautiful scenery. In the journey to discover the grandeur of nature, there are days, we do not meet a shadow and fully immersed in the quiet, absolute loneliness. Thoughts of thought kept pouring in so that I could continue growing and perfecting myself. I think this is the best thing about moving when you spend money but getting more about the world, about people, about yourself. For the first time, I feel the power of both words and images. It turned out that this was the ultimate feeling of being able to stand there and feel with only five senses, unable to replicate by any kind of art.

Spectacular scenery of nature

The breathtaking, pristine scenes of a rare country that have not been ravaged by people gradually open up ahead. Lurking after every corner, the Iceland landscape gradually becomes more visible to me with breathtaking images of waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, geothermal hot springs, beautiful villages, horses, wings copper from lava ash, volcanic inactivity, lakes, countless national parks … In the midst of nature, man-made things are done simply, enough to use, hide, to be natural. shine brightly. The meager roads are built only when necessary, tiny, dark soil with 2 lanes enough for 2 cars to run. The wooden pillars show a rustic, smelling trail of grass, soil and sheep manure. Small bungalows use clean energy at the foot of the mountain. Wooden bridges are sturdy but unobtrusive, looks old as if built by the people. The layout planning is not aimed at human convenience, but most consider nature a top priority. Iceland is becoming a tourist attraction and exists at the risk of natural destruction. However, I hope that this country will protect the precious natural picture.

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