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Experiences travelers should try in Paris

In addition to visiting museums and taking photos at the Eiffel Tower, visitors can visit the underground catacombs and shop at the Saint Ouen flea market. Welcoming tens of millions of visitors each year, the...
Liberty Travel

What is Liberty Travel?

Liberty Travel is a very popular and popular form of tourism recently, it is chosen by many young people. NhanVn.Com introduce 1.Form of travel and object of Liberty Travel Liberty Travel this is a form of...
beaches in Vietnam

10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam according to Forbes

Forbes magazine has voted the 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, besides the top outstanding beaches, there are a number of other names that surprise tourists. Con Dao Beach Con Dao is a complex of 16...

Bali economy collapsed because of nCoV

Driver Kadek Yosa Yasa feeds his family through 20 rides a month. But now he doesn't know what to feed the kids when they are no longer available. "No guests since six weeks ago, and everyone...

The 14-year-old panda mates for the first time in years of failure

Ocean Park of Hong Kong (China) confirmed that two giant pandas mate at age 14 after a decade of failure and miscarriage. SCMP reported that the two giant pandas Ying Ying and Le Le in Ocean...

Tens of thousands of people left Wuhan

Crowds outside Wuhan Tianhe International Airport wait impatiently for the first flights to leave the city. A lot of people went to central China during the New Year holiday in January and were trapped in...

Rich as a Dubai, covered with gold from home to the street

The people of Dubai (UAE) have proved their wealth as covered with gold throughout the city, from ATMs, cars, food ... Gold government: Burj Al Arab Hotel is one of the typical buildings when it comes...

The 47-story building reflects the cloud in the US

It seems transparent in the sky, the two buildings of The Modern in the US are glass all over the outside, so it can reflect the surrounding image and blend into a large space. The...

Japan canceled the cherry blossom festival to stop the Covid-19 epidemic

Nakameguro district in Tokyo has officially announced the cancellation of the 34th cherry blossom festival every year to limit the spread of corona virus in Japan. Ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the Japanese...

10 things only in the North Pole

The Arctic, the frozen continent in the Northern Hemisphere, is always full of strange phenomena that are sometimes hard to explain by scientists. 1. There are 2 Arctic: There are 2 real locations can be called the...

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