The number of infections is increasing, the town of Codogno (Italy) has been closed to limit the spread of disease.

To date, 209 cases of corona virus infection have been recorded in Italy. Earlier, the epidemic in the town of Codogno (in the Lombardy region) was blocked to ensure the safety of the people. On social networking sites, people post as many deserted images as the ghost town in Codogno.

The streets were empty, the shops were closed and the town was abandoned. Speaking to AFP , the mayor of Lombardy, Attilo Fontana, said regional towns such as Codogno and Casalpusterlengo were hardest hit in the country.

Offices and companies in the town have posted signs of closure. Codogno is located southeast of Milan, near the center of major events and festivals. The Venice Carnival, a carnival of makeup and street parade in Venice, was paused because of an outbreak of the disease.

The townspeople are worried about the disease, the local supermarkets are constantly out of stock. However, Mayor Fontana urged people to stay calm and stop panicking to buy supplies. He said: “Flocking to stockpiles doesn’t make sense because there’s always enough supply.” 

Residents of the heart of Codogno say that the place they live in is no different from a ghost town. Most people do not go out after the authorities recommend staying home for safety. A woman told AFP: “This is awful for us.” 

Codogno is the first blockade town in Italy, with more than 15,000 inhabitants. After Codogno, many other towns in the Lombardy and Veneto regions were also isolated. Schools, restaurants closed, events, festivals have to be postponed. Currently, Italy has the largest number of corona virus infections in Europe. 

The lives of people in Codogno are disturbed, tourism activities are increasingly damaged when the disease has not yet been controlled in Italy.

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