After the serious damage caused by the bushfire disaster in Australia, the government has issued attractive immigration policies to restore the economy and stimulate tourism in the country.

Business Insider reported that in an effort to recover the damage caused by the serious forest fire, Australia has recently provided many tourism and working opportunities for visitors aged 18 to 30 with a Work Holiday visa for one year. Maker. To be eligible for a visa, applicants must have a high school diploma, a valid passport and adequate domestic health insurance.

Specifically, on February 17, the Australian government increased the visa term from 6 months to a year. This new regulation applies to young travelers studying and working in 40 countries. The visa extension is part of a plan to promote tourism after the serious damage of forest fires to the economy and national tourism.

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Investment, Simon Birmingham, said: “Every visitor to Australia will keep local businesses alive, and the tourism industry will recover quickly.”

This year’s forest fire season in Australia has been described as one of the “horrific disasters” the country is suffering from. More than 46 billion acres of land and vegetation were burned, 1 billion animals died and 3,000 homes were destroyed in mid-February.

On January 17, the Australian Tourism Export Council estimated that wildfires caused around 4.5 billion AUD ( 2.9 billion USD ) in damage to the country’s tourism industry during 2020. “Du The calendar is facing the biggest challenge ever. One of 13 jobs in Australia depends on the tourism and hotel industry, “said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Most recently, tourism in Australia was affected by a ban on visitors until February 29 to prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. To start the process of attracting tourists again, the country has launched a campaign called “There’s Still Nothing Like Australia” (Life in Australia will continue as if nothing has happened) throughout the country. markets in Asia and the UK this week.

“The campaign is intended to announce that Australia is ready to open its doors and be a safe destination for you,” said Federal Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham.

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