The dogs accompanying humans on flights are not too strange. However, the fact that a small horse with the owner on the first class cabin has recently caught the eye of the public.

Recently, the horse named Fred has departed in the first class cabin of American Airlines flight. This lucky horse flew with its owner from Michigan to California, USA.

According to Insider, Ronica Froese, owner of the white horse, said it was the first time she and her pet were traveling by plane. She bought a ticket for Fred so it had a comfortable place to sleep and did not disturb other passengers. “Fred is an angel. He was really docile and obedient on this flight,” Froese said.

It is known that the companion of Froese 18 months old and weighs 115 pounds (about 52 kg), has not reached the weight of an adult horse.

Froese had prepared Fred for a protective outfit so that the passengers would not be affected if they were allergic to horsehair. A flight attendant with a nasal allergy thanked the horse’s attentiveness.

On the flight back to Michigan on February 13, Fred was “sensible and behaved obediently just like the first flight,” Froese said. On this flight, one passenger said: “In my life, I have never flew with a horse and it is really the cutest and cutest pet I’ve ever met.”

Fred’s flight comes amid a debate in the US about animals being allowed on board. The US Department of Transportation announced its plan in January to restrict the types of animals passengers can bring on board.

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