People can see fish swimming on the canals of Venice, which attracts millions of visitors every year.

Italy is one of the countries most affected by Covid-19. This led to the government forced to blockade the whole country, many tourist destinations were deserted. However, this blockade brought another good thing to Venice. Those are the canals here where the water becomes clear when the passenger boats and gondola boats stop working.

“Perhaps this is an unexpected side effect of the pandemic – water flowing through the Venice Canal for the first time in such a way. I can see fish swimming,” said Kaveri, a resident on Twitter.

A spokesman for the Venice Mayor’s Office, Luigi Brugnaro, explained this. Due to the significant reduction of traffic on the canal, the water became clearer. During the time of tourists, the waterway traffic in this area will stir water, causing mud and soil to rise.

As of March 19, there were more than 35,710 nCoV infections, recording 2,987 deaths in Italy. The country’s Ministry of Health said 14,633 patients were hospitalized with clear symptoms, more than 2,200 patients were in intensive care and nearly 13,000 were isolated at home. Currently, Italy is still in a state of strict blockade nationwide. On March 17, officials asked citizens to fill out police forms before going out.

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