Close to Dubai (UAE), a small abandoned village has long been “invaded” by sand every day.

Dubai is often known for its images of skyscrapers and countless luxury services just for the rich. However, photographer Jade Stacy Maria is interested in finding out the mysterious corners of this rich city. About 61 km from the center of Dubai, visitors can visit Al Madam – an abandoned village that is being invaded by sand.

The reason Al Madam was deserted is still a secret. According to CNN , some evidence at the scene showed that people were in a hurry to leave. Many stories are told that people had to flee from a supernatural power.

The village is not considered a tourist destination when it comes to Dubai. However, many people are coming here every day to experience the thrilling, mysterious feeling. The local government has no plan to exploit Al Madam as a tourist destination. As a result, some locals worry that many visitors will sabotage the site if left unchecked.

To find out the real reason for turning Al Madam into a “ghost village”, the Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) conducted a survey in 2018. A man who claimed to be married is an Al Madam villager. This was built in the 1970s. This person revealed that sandstorms continuously made people unable to stabilize their life here.

Most of the houses in the village are open so visitors can easily enter and explore. The story “bureaucratic bad guy” tells an evil entity named Jinn has made the villagers flee. However, no one has had the opportunity to face Jinn. Besides, many people also blame the cat-eye goddess – Umm Duwais.

“If you want to discover something different, I think Al Madam will be a great destination. You not only escape the bustle of Dubai but also have the opportunity to experience a village with a mysterious past. “, photographer Jade shared.

Some houses were covered with sand to reach the roof. In the photo, photographer Jade is lying on the sand taking a picture.

To get to Al Madam, you have to go through a small sandy path to the desert. Because you are not exploited as a tourist attraction, you will need to go here instead of using public transport. For safety, visitors can choose to rent a taxi for about 80 USD if traveling from downtown Dubai.

Many houses were almost buried by sand. With the sandstorm situation in this area, the possibility of a house disappearing under the sand layer is what will soon happen.

The mystery of Al Madam remains a challenge for researchers.

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