Living in the harsh climate, the Chukchi tribe in Russia is always generous, ready to help anyone, including strangers.

The Chukchi tribe lives mainly in the Russian Federation. In particular, most live on the tundra, taiga area (plain with scattered trees) in Chukchi in Magadan, the easternmost of the country. There, the climate is harsh with winter temperatures sometimes down to minus 54 degrees Celsius. Cool summers with an average temperature of 10 degrees C. In coastal areas, especially along the Arctic Ocean, the climate wet and misty.

Cattle breeding and reindeer hunting are long-standing traditions of the Chukchi people. They hunt common marine mammals like seals, whales, walruses and sea lions. This tribe calls themselves Lygoravetlat meaning “true man”. 

The traditional form of housing of the Chukchi is yaranga , a cone-shaped or round tent. Inside was a bedroom made of fur large enough for many people. Today, single-story bungalows and concrete apartment buildings are becoming more common.

Traditionally, Chukchi women wear knee-length kerker made of reindeer hair, foxes, wolves … In addition to kerker, women also wear beautiful yellow-brown leather cloaks decorated with beads. , embroidery, fur. Men wear shirts and long pants made from the same material. Both sexes wear high shoes.

Due to the harsh tundra climate, the difficult life, the hospitality and the generosity are highly appreciated by the Chukchi people. They do not refuse anyone, even to strangers if offered shelter and food. 

The tribal community will help the needy, such as orphans, widows and the poor. Stinginess is considered to be the worst thing here. Most Chukchi children attend primary and secondary boarding schools because their settlements are small and far from each other.

Chukchi men will drive reindeer to collect firewood, fish and hunt marine animals. Women’s work includes cleaning and repairing homes, cooking food, and sewing clothes. 

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