“The Bowing Man” (Greetingman) is a modern sculpture project of Korea, with the goal of erecting 1,000 statues around the world.

The idea of ​​the project is to build a statue of a 6 m tall man, bowing his head in a gesture of typical greeting in Korean culture. The sculpture is blue (or white), does not represent any skin color. This man is naked to represent all people in the world, because clothing can reflect a person’s standing in society or status.

The “Greetingman” project made Yoo Young-ho’s name resonate. 


The person behind this project is Korean artist Yoo Young-ho, 54 years old. “Greetings are the most important thing to start a relationship. When people greet, intimacy and conversations also form. I want to come up with a new form of public art on the subject of The process of communication between people originated from greetings, “Mr. Yoo said.

Artist Yoo sells 800 mini aluminum bow “30cm-bowed man” statues for $ 200 each, raising $ 188,000 for the first edition. He plans to launch the project as far away from Korea as possible. And the first giant statue was completed in 2012, and is located next to the junction of  Juan Espinosa and Juana Pereyra  in the capital, Montevideo, Uruguay, overlooking the sea.

This work of art quickly attracts people and visitors to visit. According to Dan, an Australian tourist, a local guide said the statue was a “thank you” gift to Uruguay.

The statue was dubbed the man with the most visitors in the city. 

At the foot of the author’s caption: “I’m Greetingman, from South Korea – a country located in exactly the symmetrical position across the globe from Uruguay. The gesture I’m making is how Koreans A greeting is the beginning of every relationship When we meet regularly without greeting, nothing happens, but if we greet, a relationship will form with those who On top of that, I think the most powerful factor in creating relationships is people, nature and even the universe. In the future, I want to stand in many places on Earth to communicate. That message. First of all, I come to Montevideo, once again, my warmest greetings to you. Annieongjaseio! “.

Mr. Yoo’s idea is to promote peace around the world through art. One of the “The Man Bowed” pictures was erected near the DMZ demilitarized zone in Gangwon Province (South Korea). Many other statues were erected in Seoul and neighboring cities, more distant are Panama, Ecuador …

Artist Yoo has planned to build 1,000 statues in many parts of the world, including Vietnam, Germany and Palestine. In March, Mr. Cho Kwang Han, the new mayor of Namyangigu City (South Korea) presented to Hue City a statue of “The Man Bowing” to enhance the friendship and cooperation. 

The Korean side suggested placing the statue in one of three locations: Dong Ba market, Hue citadel or a park on the north bank of Huong River opposite Hue Cultural Center. However, some culturalists believe that the 6 m high statue with 4 m base, placed in the above locations does not fit the architectural space as well as feng shui in Hue. Suggestions are given for more modern urban areas.

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