Artichokes, cherry, giant chicken eggs … placed on some streets in the US are actually unique buildings that attract tourists.

The giant cherry spoon set outside the Walker art center in Minneapolis is a sculpture by artist Claes Oldenburg. With its special size, this model is worth about 8,920 USD .

These sculptures simulate spices. Unique work set on the waterfront in Cardiff (Wales). Giant spice set was first exhibited at a local art exhibition.

This huge box of beef is set behind the Bosnian and Herzegovina history museum. The work was built to commemorate the time of food shortage in the locality from 1992-1995.

The oversized peach in the picture is in Gaffney, South Carolina. This locality is the largest planting and supplying ground in the southern United States.

Known as the world’s capital of artichokes, the Monterey, California region hosts annual annual crop festivals to encourage people to work hard. This giant artichoke flower model is located in the center of town.

This large corn field is located in Dublin, Ohio, USA. The tall, white corn, is made entirely of concrete.

The salmon wall structure is located on Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon. People here value salmon as a main source of food and income. The Pacific Northwest is also famous for its abundance of nutritious fish.

Ellerbe, North Carolina is known for its sugar pastry bars. The strawberry in the picture is actually a house designed with ideas from pastries. The house stands out with a red paint, shaped like a strawberry, reminding tourists of a giant strawberry cupcake.

Otero, New Mexico, is famous for its pistachios. The largest pistachio sculpture in the world recorded in the photo is the property of a local family that has a farm of 12,500 pistachios.

This statue weighs more than 1 ton is located in the town of Mentone, Indiana. The giant egg-shaped sculpture was created to honor the local history as America’s largest egg-producing site.

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