CNN (USA) recently voted a list of 20 most beautiful travel photos on the planet in early 2020, recorded in many world famous destinations.

Recently, CNN (USA) has released a list of 20 most beautiful travel photos on the planet in early 2020. The photos were taken in many different countries, at famous festivals or tourist attractions. The photo above shows the moment water poured down a bank of the dam at Wet Sleddale Reservoir (UK) after a heavy rain from Dennis and Cumbria (England).

Photos of Buddhist monks performing a ceremony at Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Bangkok (Thailand). Thailand is known as the land of the Golden Temple because the system of temples and pagodas spread throughout the country, bearing many Buddhist architectural features. The country is also a world famous spiritual tourist.

The photo taken at Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (China) is also on the list of 20 most beautiful travel photos in the world. This is considered one of the largest snow ice sculpture festivals in the world. The exhibits during the period were carved from large blocks of ice taken from the surface of the Tung Hoa River. Harbin Ice and Snow Festival takes place in January every year.

The simple picture of a moment when skiing on Mussa-Achitara mountain (Dombay, Russia) also impresses many tourism-loving readers. This is a famous resort in Dombay, possessing attractive trekking routes, modern and majestic ski resorts.

The famous Ba Thien Hau Temple in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) is one of the oldest temples in Southeast Asia. The image of the boy running under traditional lanterns hanging upside down in this temple on the occasion of Chinese New Year is also a beautiful tourist moment in early 2020.

Bagan (Myanmar) is an attractive destination for many tourists who love nostalgia and want to find the old place. Peaceful Bagan in the sunset time is a scene that makes many tourist devotees fascinated.

Yangzhou (Jiangsu, China) is a popular spot for lantern festivals during the Lunar New Year. The dazzling scenery of all kinds of lanterns lighting Duong Chau on February 5 became the best travel photo in early 2020 by CNN .

The moment workers are carefully arranging each watermelon is captured by photographer Noah Seelam at Gaddiamnaram Fruit Market (Hyderabad, India).

The King Camel Festival (King Abdulaziz Camel Festival) is a traditional ritual in Rumah (Saudia Arabia), attracting thousands of attendees. Photographer Faisal Al-Nasser captured the sight of people and cars lined up around the camels during the festival.

The moment dawn dawns over the railway bridge span in the Ruhr valley (Herdecke, Germany) is one of the best travel photos earlier this year. The photo was taken by photographer Jonas Güttler.

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