Jatayu Earth’s Center Park (India) is home to the largest eagle sculpture in the world, drawing enthusiasts everywhere to explore.

Jatayu Earth Center Park is located amidst the amazing natural surroundings of the state of Kerala, southern India. A collaborative project between the Indian Ministry of Tourism and director – sculptor Rajiv Anchal, the natural park opened since late 2017. The highlight of Jatayu Earth’s Center’s attraction and popularity is the work. The world’s largest eagle sculpture is located on a hilltop.

This giant eagle, also named Jatayu, has an incredible set of measurements with a length of 61 m, 46 m wide, 21 m high and a floor area of ​​1,400 m2. Such a large-scale sculpture, but very detailed and meticulously carved.

In particular, the feathers spread with hundreds of thick, thin, long, short hairs made of many fine lines. Every minute detail, like the eyes, beak, or claws, is also elaborately shaped.

Jatayu’s wings lie on the ground, allowing visitors to walk up, from which they can climb to claws and heads of birds. Inside the huge eagle body is the building of Jatayu Earth’s Center. This sculpting masterpiece took Anchal and his team 10 years of hard work to complete.

Not only is it made to be a marvel of design and architecture, the Jatayu eagle statue also has a spiritual meaning. Jatayu is a symbolic figure in the Hindu epic Ramayana, known as the noble bird of divine origin.

The legend of the Jatayu eagle tells that Jatayu tried to protect and rescue Sita (Ramayana’s wife) when she was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana. After fighting Ravana, the king cut off Jatayu’s left wing and escaped with Sita. The sculptor Rajiv recreates the legendary story vividly and authentically with this massive statue.

While sitting on the chair of the University of Fine Arts, Rajiv Rajiv presented the original idea and model of the eagle work to the Ministry of Tourism of India in 1980. However, the project was not accepted because it was for that is not satisfactory to implement.

An invaluable work of Hinduism stands in the mountains, becoming a highlight to attract tourists to visit every year. Jatayu Earth’s Center is also famous on travel photo sharing sites and social networks as a mysterious destination, worth exploring and experiencing for global travelers.

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