US Visitors take more than 10 hours to experience the whole ghost house McKamey Manor, but no one has ever crossed this landmark.

McKamey Manor, located in the peaceful countryside of Summertown, Tennessee, is known as the scariest house in America. This year, ghost host Russ McKamey launches an experience called “Desolation” and offers a reward of $ 20,000 for any guest who can go from start to finish.

Russ revealed the secret to making this haunted house become an attractive destination for Halloween as a game to play in the psychology of participants. He uses everything from sound stimulation, lighting effects, fog, water … to create a sense of authenticity in the experience.

“I could put you in a small tank just a few centimeters deep and say that there’s a white shark out there, so you would believe that,” Russ said, claiming he had spent millions of dollars to Invest in venues and staging challenges inspired by classic horror movies.

An anonymous visitor once shouted, “I really can’t stand being buried alive. I don’t like this and don’t want to be here.” Guest said when blindfolded and flushed mud on his face.

Russ said the player used to report to the police about what was happening inside the house. He explained that this was the reason why he had to record images of every guest as evidence.

This haunted house even appeared on the horror series Haunters: Art of the Scare and an episode in the Dark Touris t series on Netflix

Besides the negative feedback, the house also received compliments from guests. “To me, McKamey Manor is one of the best haunted tourist destinations in the world. It’s tough, but it’s fun. Russ McKamey is a genius for creating the most dangerous stunts I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes my body is under such pressure that I have hallucinations and it’s not easy, “said Jamie Tuck, a guest.

To set foot in this house, visitors must be 21 or older, 18-20 year olds need parental permission. The ghost owner requires guests to present health insurance, a resume and pass a psychological and physical test. They must also sign a 40-page disclaimer, in which the worst case is death. A bag of dog food for the owner of the dog can be considered as an entrance ticket, and guests do not have to pay any cost.

Russ once opened another haunted house in Huntsville, Alabama, but this place was permanently closed due to activities affecting residential areas

Once passing the “admission” round, the participant must watch a 2-hour video showing footage of previous players. To request to stop the game, guests must say: “You really do not want to do this”. Inside, they need to follow some rules like not swearing, drinking, smoking, snacking, running away, or touching vulgar actors – or else they will be fined.

No one has been able to stand until the end of the game. Guests stay at this house for the longest 6 hours, while to end the journey the player may have to spend more than 10 hours.

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