“Yoga gives me the feeling of being conquered for the first time. I see yoga as a companion in the journey to explore the world ”, Thu Thuy (Ho Chi Minh City) shared.

Yoga – more than just a method of exercise …

After more than 2 years of conquering yoga, I realize that this discipline really means. Yoga is a training method that requires a high level of mental and physical coordination at the same time. With only 1-2 hours of practice a day, yoga has helped me master and control the flexibility of the body, improve intelligence, health and find the true value of happiness. The magic of yoga is to help people to be enlightened, to give up an unhealthy lifestyle, to have bad qualities and to improve themselves. Yoga is not for the momentary favorites because of the beauty of difficult postures. Yoga really helps people to understand, conquer fear and strengthen belief in oneself. Yoga is the peace after tired working hours, cherishing oneself more … Just like that, day by day, with abundant health and an energetic spirit, You will feel the happiness that slowly knocks on your life. Besides, yoga also helps me have more abundant energy for each trip, exploring to new lands.

Yoga is the luggage during the journey

Ilove yoga and love the way yoga accompanies me on trips. The way you practice yoga at home and while traveling is very different. Especially on the terrain, you will have to challenge yourself with “difficult” movements on sand or on rocks, sometimes on boats. Sometimes it is dangerous if you are not confident enough or unable to maintain balance. However, the natural space gives you a new energy, a fresh spirit, adding inspiration for training. I have moved through many countries and the most impressive when I came to Bali (Indonesia). Here, in addition to the majestic nature, the friendly person, there are many yogis who come to practice like themselves. Behind the beautiful pictures are the hard, untold difficulties. I remember printing a yoga pose on the beach and when the wave came … “ate” all the sand. The common point between yoga and travel is to bring joy, excitement when exploring your limits. Everywhere I go is the yoga mat and any space will become a gym. Yoga and movement have made me stronger, knowledgeable, and more tolerant …




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