The world has forests that fascinate visitors with exotic vegetation. These are “dragon blood forests” in Yemen, “green forests” in Belgium, “bent forests” in Poland …

Hoh Rain Forest (USA) has a wild beauty but no less unique. The average rainfall here is very large, so over the rainy season, moss clinging to large trees creates a beautiful landscape picture. However, this place also causes many fear for visitors.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest (Japan) has a long time and soon became the destination of many ancient Japanese people. On a large area, millions of bamboo trunks rise upright, lush, creating a spectacular view. The forest is green and quiet like a world completely separate from the bustling life outside.

Hallerbos forest (Belgium) is also known as “green forest”. With rugs of purple-bellied flowers, the forest becomes an attractive tourist destination in Europe in the spring. Visitors to the Hallerbos forest are told not to enter the flower beds and step on them when taking photos.


Dragon’s Blood Forest (Yemen) : With exotic vegetation, this “dragon blood” forest attracts many visitors to explore. Here, the sap of the tree is bloody red, slightly acidic and intense. That is also why they call them dragon blood tree.

The Black Forest (Germany) is covered with dark green foliage, exuding a magical, attractive look. This name was born by year-round, almost rarely the sun can penetrate through the dense forest trees here. When winter came, the whole forest was covered with white snow.

Otzarreta Forest (Spain) belongs to Gorbea natural park. The old trees and the misty atmosphere make the forest more mysterious. The vegetation here also attracts attention with many strange-shaped plants.

Tongass National Forest (USA) is the largest forest in the United States and is home to many rare and endangered species of plants and animals. It is also the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world to this day with many trees aged 800-1,000 years.

Krzywy Las Forest (Poland) is also known as “bended forest” by incomparable leaning vegetation. Krzywy Las has about 400 pine trees with a rather strange growth. Their bodies that had just emerged from the ground were bent into a C-shape before continuing to reach up into the sky.

Redwood Forest (USA) is one of the world’s largest forests. The forest has older trees more than 2,000 years old, up to 115m high and about 8 m trunk diameter.

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