Giethoorn village is known as the Venice of the Netherlands. The beautiful place is like a fairy for 700 years without any roads, people here are connected by boat through canals.

Located 120 km from Amsterdam, the small village Giethoorm is known as the “Venice of the Netherlands” with its intricate canal system and hundreds of wooden bridges.The village was built around 1230 by a group of Indigenous people. While working on a field, residents accidentally discovered a lot of goat horns buried in the ground, and they named the village Giethoorm, meaning the place where the horns were excavated.

In the peaceful land of Giethoorn, dust and horns did not exist. The village for 700 years did not build roads for vehicles, they moved, connected by special motor boats that made no noise. Coming here, visitors will be released soul into a true green fairy space.

The village has about 2,600 inhabitants living in ancient thatched roof houses, in front of the yard planted many colorful flowers. This place is so quiet that the loudest sound you can hear is the duck’s cry. 

If spring, Mother Nature bestows the land of fairy land with fresh colors, full of vitality, autumn, and leaves simultaneously turning to beautiful red, yellow, then in winter, it is time for the scenery to wear a coat. white snow. The canal in Giethoorn’s heart is completely frozen creating a wonderful and magical scenery. The temperature is low, this place turned into a paradise for skating lovers.

After appearing in the comedy Fanfare in 1958, the village of Giethoorn quickly became famous. Tourists come to the village to enjoy the charming scenery, experience kayaking, canoeing down the canal.

Not only enjoying the peaceful life, many people also enjoy capturing the beautiful moment as the place where they passed. The ancient village of Giethoorn has a wonderful natural landscape with green, gentle canals, a small house hidden under the trees, surrounded by vines. You can visit restaurants and coffee shops for tourism or prepare your own food for your picnic.


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