Songwol-dong Village will bring tourists back to childhood with fairy tales through frescoes and colorful decorations.

As one of the 5 famous mural villages in Korea, Songwol-dong is located in Incheon City, about an hour by train from Seoul. From the subway station in Incheon, just a 10 minute walk, you will come across the village’s colorful gates.

Stretching across the streets of the village were brightly decorated houses and shops. The content is the favorite fairy and cartoon characters from time to time. Songwol-dong fairy village always attracts tourists, especially families with children to visit and take photos.

The village is divided into 10 zones, each of which represents a different fairy tale or theme.

The first area, about 30 meters from the entrance, is called “The Street of Dorothy”. Along this road, you will see familiar images like Peter Pan boy, Tinker Bell fairy … Continue to the second area, you will discover the famous story – Witch in Oz village. 

In the village, there is a path for 3 princesses in the fairy tales: Snow White, Sleeping Princess and Cinderella, designed in combination with beautiful castle scenes. This road is always crowded with tourists taking souvenir photos, especially girls who dream of once being a princess.

The decoration is not only a painting but also a uniquely designed floating image.

Inside those walls, people still live normally. The bars are open to serve tourists. You can find many souvenirs or enjoy traditional Korean food in the scene filled with joyful colors.

Visitors can also visit The Street of Netherlands. When coming here in spring, tulips bloom, blooming in the sun. Next to it is a 5 m high wall simulating a windmill, you will feel like you are in the Netherlands.

This is one of the Korean government’s poor village development projects. Instead of planning to build apartments, the villages were renovated to be spacious, clean and “enchanted” at the hands of talented artisans. The face of Songwol-dong village has changed from a poor, boring place to a fairy paradise. 


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