Ardyn’s ration has wagyu beef, Japanese hamachi fish were delivered to home by two employees wearing suits. 

Chef Adam Bordonaro and Ryan Lory will open their first restaurant in 2019. Ardyn is an intimate, romantic dining space in Greenwich Village, New York City, USA. The restaurant has been getting attention from customers and the media since opening.

However, after nearly a year of operation, it was closed due to the New York government ordered blockade to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. Like everyone preparing to perform the blockade, the two chefs shared: “We realized that sooner or later it would take place, Seattle had been severely damaged from the previous month. It was not a” if “. is “when” happened “. In this context, the two of them created a new menu of high quality dishes, eating utensils and a little humor. The name of this menu is “Doomsday dinner party”, with $ 600 for 4 people to eat.

Chef Lory said: “We want to do something so everyone at home can enjoy the delicious food like in a restaurant but still with the warmth of the family.”

The menu has 7 items in all, of which 2 main dishes worth noting are wagyu beef ribs and Japanese hamachi fish. The dishes are pre-cooked, packed with instructions for how to eat, a playlist and a cocktail, wine. A special feature of this high-class meal is delivered by two well-dressed employees wearing rabbit masks.

The two chefs of Ardyn Restaurant want diners to have memorable, special, unique and strange culinary experiences to help them overcome the epidemic days. The creative menu was well received, so this April they planned to start serving the “Doomsday dinner” in Hamptons, Suffolk County, New York.

 “We can’t imagine the situation worse. We don’t want people to think the apocalypse is coming, but these days really are the” end of the world “for the restaurants. Surely this is the time. making the hospitality industry change, “says chef Lory. 

Ardyn Restaurant co-organized the March On Foundation to set up a non-profit COCO (Covid Community Fund) to raise money and donate 15% of the money for the “doomsday dinner party” to charity. COCO Fund will support restaurants, companies in the event organization, tourism, travel … those who are most affected by the pandemic. 

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