Beauty standards vary from place to place. However, women in the following countries are highly rated by Missosology for beauty based on the beauty pageant rankings.

Hunza, Pakistan: Women in Hunza are famous for their attractive appearance, bright skin, deep eyes, harmonious facial features. The long and beautiful secret of the Hunza people is attributed to the pure water, fresh air, and fresh food. In addition, the Hunza regularly practice yoga, including breathing methods and meditation. 

Brazil: This is the home of a series of famous models, especially the “Victoria’s Secret Angel”. Famous Brazilian women possess a hot, healthy body with tanned skin, floating blonde hair. Their beauty is a mix of different cultures and peoples. Brazilian women are also very active and passionate about sports, especially football. 

Sweden: The girls in this country have outstanding height, floating blonde hair, beautiful face with enchanting blue eyes. Thanks to this beauty, the Swedish woman was dubbed the “Norse goddess”. They are not only beautiful but also very elegant and have a good educational background. In particular, women here are very friendly and open, helping them easily attract the attention of the opposite person, especially men.

Latvia: Thanks to mixed blood, most of the women here have natural gray hair, high nose, white skin, tall physique and attractive, hot, attractive body. Surprisingly, Latvian women have a very high rate of late or unmarried marriage. The main reason is due to the gender difference of 18% (10 girls will have 1 boy). 

Ukraine: This is considered a beauty power for many years. The beauty of Ukrainian women is the perfect blend of the wild, liberal lines of Europe and the gentleness and shyness of Asia. Ukrainian women know how to look after themselves. Besides healthy eating, they often practice sports, take part in yoga or dance classes to maintain a healthy physique.

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