Rakotzbrücke has a different architecture and fantasy beauty, spanning the lake in Kromlauer Park.

Rakotzbrücke Bridge in the middle of the forest leaves in the fall. 


When you first look, it seems that nature has created a perfect circle between the poetic lake in Kromlauer park in Germany . But as you get closer, you’ll realize this impressive circle is the result of a unique optical illusion. The arched bridge, called Rakotzbrücke, also known as the “Devil’s Bridge” skillfully deceives your eyesight. The building was built on basalt in 1860 by architect Friedrich Hermann Rötschke. 

The magical beauty seems to emerge from the fairy of the bridge. 


So, why is Rakotzbrücke called the devil’s bridge? Local legend says that only the devil can create a path across the water without any pillars. Some other opinions said that the name comes from the special design and the magical beauty of the bridge when forming a circle on beautiful days. 

Throughout the four seasons of the year, Rakotzbrücke is a place that attracts tourists to Germany  due to the changing scenery. However, you should note, walking on the bridge is prohibited for the purpose of preserving this heritage for future generations.

The road to explore the bridge is also very unique.
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