People are always happy, they are satisfied with everything and do not need to show it outside.

Finland topped the list of happiest countries in the world, out of a total of 156 places, according to the United Nations World Happiness Report on March 20. This is the ranking table published annually and for the third time in a row, the Nordic nation ranks first.

A question posed by many is: “What makes Finland rated as the happiest place in the world?” “Is the Finnish people really happy?”. Rachel Rosie, a British tourist who came to Helsinki and Lapland, interviewed people on the street to find out the answer.

Many tourists when referring to Finland, will think of a dark and cold land all year round. But in fact, this country has more interesting things to remember than that.

Heidi, a resident of the capital Helsinki for a very good social welfare system, does not interfere with the lives of the people. “We are offered so many things, great benefits. But we are completely free to decide what we want to do.”

For Honna, she doesn’t really know why Finland is always at the top of happiness, and also “not sure” whether she’s happy or not. However, one thing she knows for sure is that ordinary people are satisfied with what they have and find peace of mind. And Sina said that Finns often never complain about the difficulties in life.

“Finland never lie. They are very honest. People are always on time and productive,” said Behzad, a Pakistani immigrant who came to Lapland in 2013. In addition, people according to his assessment are very reserved and do not talk to strangers much. Currently, Behzad is a citizen of this country, and he receives a lot of support from the government. I feel happy to be here.

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