Incredible structures from around the world show that the stone is an inexhaustible building material that offers a solemn, elegant, playful and energetic style.

Casa do Penedo or Boulder house is a famous architectural monument. This house is surrounded by 4 huge rocks in the mountains of Fafe, northern Portugal. Strange building was built in 1974 for the purpose of resort. However, this place today becomes the museum of history about the odd building.

Built in 2016, Temple in Stone and Light, located in Barmer, India, is a local power plant. The building was built entirely of yellow Jaisalmer sandstone, designed by Spacematters company based in Delhi, India.

Saint George in Lalibela, Ethiopia, is a church made of volcanic rock, built in the 12th century. The UNESCO World Heritage Site (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recognizes this as pilgrimage place of people in the Tewahedo Orthodox Church in Ethiopia.

Located on the Mediterranean coast, Bibliotheca Alexandrina is an extensive library and cultural center in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. The 11-storey building opened in 2001 and contains more than 6,000 m2 of hand-carved stone.

The KAFD Grand Mosque opened to visitors in 2017 in the capital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This work is designed like a desert rose with a capacity of 1,500 followers. The 6,103 m2 building is located on a large square that is a public space and an outdoor prayer area.

San Giovanni Battista building, located in Mogno, Switzerland, was built in 1996 to replace a 17th-century church destroyed during an avalanche in 1986. The main feature of the church is the white marble layers. alternating dark gneiss stones.

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet Theater was opened in 2008 in the city of Oslo. The impressive feature of this building is its angular appearance made of Italian marble and white granite. This construction makes you feel like the theater is emerging from the water.


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