It seems transparent in the sky, the two buildings of The Modern in the US are glass all over the outside, so it can reflect the surrounding image and blend into a large space.

The Modern consists of 2 skyscrapers located in Fort Lee district, New Jersey, USA. With a height of 151 m, The Modern is the tallest residential building in New Jersey, taller and more prominent than any other building in the area, especially visible from Manhattan. Located near the George Washington Bridge, two luxury towers also offer panoramic views of the skyline of New York, the Hudson River and surrounding suburbs.

Architect Elkus Manfredi Architects designed the buildings with the aim of becoming one of the tallest twin tower projects in the world. Two 47-storey towers were built starting in 2014 and completed in 2018 on a land area of ​​about 6.5 hectares. Looking back from afar, the two towers of Mordern are like mirror images of each other.


The most impressive design that makes The Modern different, attracting the attention of the public is the unique “visual trick” appearance. Both 47-storey buildings are completely covered in glass that can reflect the surrounding image, making the monumental building almost “transparent”, mixed with blue sky and white clouds.

With 2 monolithic structures highlighted by classic lines, exquisite following the timeless design trend, The Modern has been nominated for the most outstanding work of New Jersey state at the American Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award (Hiep). Association of Landscape Architects) and nominated for the prestigious Architecture MasterPrize Architecture Award 2019.

The Modern is part of a large urban renovation project for the empty land of Fort Lee. Since the 1970s, civilian leaders in Fort Lee have sought to develop the 6.5 hectare site. However, previous projects failed. The two skyscraper towers The Modern were built to become a new symbol, an important highlight for Fort Lee and a catalyst for the future development of the region.

The two stunning glass towers combine high-end resort-style amenities with the desire to bring a different living experience to the neighborhood. The Modern has a total of 902 luxury apartments with a range of utilities including infinity pool, basketball court, lawn, spa, sauna, children’s play area, movie room, business center. In particular, between the two towers is a large park inspired by the central park of Manhattan.


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