Denmark and Sweden ranked first and second respectively in the ranking of the best countries to live and work for women in 2020.

Recently, US News & World Report released its annual ranking of the best countries for women, based on a survey of nearly 9,800 women around the world. To create this list, 73 countries were scored on five criteria for human rights, gender equality, income equality, progress and safety.

Austria ranked 10th in the list of great country for women this year, although it is not ranked in 2019. The country is famous for the beautiful village of Hallstatt, the music capital of Vienna achieved a particularly high score for safety at 9.3 and human rights at 8.5.

9th place in the ranking is Australia. The country of the iconic kangaroos has a high safety index of 9.6 while gender equality is 8.0. 

Like Australia, New Zealand also has a safety rating of 9.6 and gender equality score of 8.0 but income equality in New Zealand is higher, at 6.7 compared to 5.2 of Australia. As a result, kiwis land ranks one level above the kangaroo country in the best national ranking for women.

Switzerland has a similar ranking of 7 in 2019. The safety level in this country is perfectly rated with a plump of 10. Human rights are also high, at 9.3.

6th place is Finland, a country with a new government led by women, reaching 9.3 points on gender equality. The income inequality is relatively high at 8.1, albeit down from the 9.6 score of 2019. Pictured are Finnish female leaders: Prime Minister Sanna Marin, Minister of Education Li Andersson, Ministry of Education Finance Minister Katri Kulmuni and Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo.

Canada also scores high on gender equality with a score of 9.3, while income equality is expected to decline from 7.5 in 2019 to 7.3 in 2020. The North American country ranks No. 5 on the list.

Norway has a perfect 10 for income equality. Safety is also almost perfect, at 9.8. In addition, gender equality scores 8.8. These high indicators help Norway hold the fourth position. 

The Netherlands is up 2 places compared to the ranking in 2019 and in the top 3 best countries to live and work for women. Human rights in the Netherlands received a score of 10, while income equality soared to 8.1 in 2020, up from 6.9 of 2019.

Sweden ranked first in 2019, but dropped to second place by 2020. However, gender equality and human rights increased, with a perfect score of 10 and a safety rating of 9.4.

Ranked first, Denmark is the best country to live for women by 2020. The indicators for this Nordic country are gender equality 9.6, safety 9.8, average income equality 9.2, progress 7.9 and human rights 9.8. The country of happiness Denmark achieved this title in 2018.

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