Recently, travel insurance website Insurly has released a ranking of the safest countries on the planet for tourists. Accordingly, Switzerland is the leading country in this ranking.

The ranking of the safest countries on the planet is given by Insurly based on the criteria: The frequency of natural disasters, the quality of the health care system, the level of violent crime and the threat of terrorism.

According to the updated order of Insurly, Switzerland is the safest tourist destination in the world with a total score of 93.4 / 100. In particular, tourists coming here will be more assured by the excellent score of national transport risk (98/100).

Second in the ranking is Singapore, reaching 92.7 / 100 points. The result makes the country the safest Asian nation. The risk of natural disasters in the lion island nation is estimated to be 93/100.

Norway ranked third in the rankings with a total score of 91.1 / 100. The health care index of the country is quite high, reaching 95/100 points. Following Norway are Luxembourg (4th), Cyprus (5th), Iceland (6th), Denmark (7th), Portugal (8th) and Finland (9th). ).

Meanwhile, Japan, which was rated safe and friendly with visitors, ranked only 10th. France ranked 32nd on the list. This is the country with the highest transport risk index (88 out of 100) and disaster risk (89 out of 100).

According to Insurly’s rankings, the three most dangerous destinations for tourists in the world are South Sudan (14.8), Democratic Republic of Congo (15.4) and Central African Republic (21).

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