Recently, Finland ranked the happiest country in the world. Although the country has weather conditions, cold weather throughout the year, their people seem very happy.

On March 20, the annual World Happiness Report gave the Nordic nation a top position after analyzing factors including GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, social freedom, mercy and no corruption, according to Reuters . The report also recommends that citizens of 156 countries list their own well-being. The following is the answer to the question “Why are Finns happy?” revealed by its own residents.

“The state offers a lot but you still have complete freedom” – Heidi . “Society offers great benefits but you are still free to decide what you want. There is a perfect welfare system at every stage of your life but I don’t feel like the state interferes with it. They make it possible for me to be in control of the life I want. I love the balance between work and life as well as being close to nature, “Heidi said.

“It is not an outward happiness” – Honna . Honna said that Finnish happiness is really about satisfaction and peace. However, she doesn’t really know why Finland is always at the forefront of happiness and is “not sure” whether or not she’s happy. Most Finns feel contented from the inside.

“People just don’t want to complain” – Sina. Sina told Insider that she was happy, but also unsure of the reason. She thinks that maybe people just say they’re happy to be asked because they don’t want to complain.

“The Finns never lie” – Behzad. Behzad is a Pakistani immigrant. He once thought that Finns were very happy, but they were “mostly very reserved people” and didn’t talk much to strangers. Now a Finnish citizen, he is happy and appreciates the financial support of the government, as well as how honest the Finns are. “People are almost always on time and have good performance,” Behzad added.

“I have a good family and good books to read” – Silke. The old lady Silke said that simple pleasures made her happy. “I am happy because I have a good husband, good children, good grandchildren, good books to read. I have had a good life,” she said.

“This is about alcohol” – Juho . In Finland, alcohol is not sold in supermarkets but in specialized stores. Mill Years Juho believes that Finns are happy because they love a good alcoholic beverage and they drink it happily.

“We have no big income gap” – Kimmo . “Of course, we have democracy. We have very good health services. We don’t have big income disparities and social security is good. The education system is one of the best in the world.” Everyone goes to school and has the same opportunity to educate themselves the way they want, “Kimmo said.

“We have an equal opportunity from birth” – Greeta. Greeta also said that Finland’s education system, where the university is free, leads to equality. Anyone can get a good education since birth, Finland has very few private schools.

“There is a good welfare system” – Francis. Mr. Francis is a Kenyan immigrant, he is not sure whether the Finns are truly happy or not and believes that everyone will be happier when they return home. Even so, he said that Finland’s welfare system is good and the quality of life is high, but that does not measure people’s feelings.

“We all get free health care” – Marja. Marja believes that Finland’s happiness stems from the fact that everyone has the same right to receive free health care.

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