The Italians and tourists trapped here have taken precautionary measures against the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Before orders restrict travel except for emergencies in Italy, on the streets, the people of this country to avoid meeting, contacting in public. People even greet with their feet to avoid contact in the Trastevere area, Rome.

In a grocery store in the Trastevere area, customers will have to wait to be served behind the yellow lines that mark the distance from employees. At places where people have to queue, people also stand far away from each other to ensure safety against the situation of the highly contagious Covid-19 disease.

Barbers wear face masks and gloves when working in the city of Naples.

People go to the supermarket to buy reserve food and other goods before being banned from traveling.

Visitors wear masks when filling out forms at checkpoints inside Rome’s Termini train station.

Many people wear protective gear more closely with industrial masks.

At the train station, the dock, police and soldiers are present to perform the check-in process passengers.

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