On social networks, the super-rich regularly publish check-in photos at many famous luxury locations. They are not afraid to spend millions on a luxury vacation.


Relax in luxurious hotels: The villas are covered in green color, in the trendy architecture with large swimming pools, extremely view is a private place that billionaires and giants often choose to stay. They are willing to spend money to “hide” from the noisy city. Shannon is a famous “sleep influencer” with a personal page of nearly 40,000 followers. The 35-year-old travels the world just to sleep in luxury and expensive hotels.


Vacation in the most expensive hotel on the planet: Burj Al Arab Hotel (Dubai, UAE) is a symbol of luxury, splendor with gold-plated furniture and many gemstones. This is considered the first 7-star hotel, can satisfy the needs of the richest people in the world. The hotel has 28 floors with 202 luxuriously designed rooms. The cost for a night is about USD 1,000-15,000 , Royal room alone is USD 28,000 .

Meals in the yacht: Great cuisine, luxurious space is enough to make the boys warm, she is willing to spend money to enjoy. Experience a delicious sip of a glass of wine and a view of Paris (France) at night that many rich kids choose. Diners will pay at least 350 USD for a noble style dinner.

Burning money for luxury parties: Mykonos Island in Greece is a place where often the flashy parties of billionaires and celebrities often take place. All amenities on this 8,500-hectare island are expensive. The rich are not afraid to spend money to enjoy the bustling party all night long. The luxury here can be seen along the coast when a series of yachts of super-rich moored.

Own private aircraft, yachts: This is not a strange thing for the rich. The rich kid can fly to anywhere they want by plane, helicopter with private pilots. Calista is currently one of Asia’s most noted rich kid. Her personal page has nearly 300,000 followers. Beautiful girls often post photos of travel around the world and enjoy a luxurious, true life of the rich. 

Check-in famous destination: For many people, a trip to explore the glaciers in the southernmost Americas, watching whales in Alaska is probably a difficult dream to come. But with the super rich, they can experience these things at any time. The famously expensive destinations are not outside the rich kid’s list of experiences. Monaco is one of the favorite places of many giants in the world. 

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