The Covid-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, greatly affecting the tourism industry. A number of resort resorts in the world have been used as isolation areas for visitors.


The seaside Carry-le-Rouet resort in France has been used as a quarantine area. This place is like a “resort paradise” for visitors. The resort owns 140 rooms with full facilities, a swimming pool and a beach exit, located in a population of 3 hectares. During the isolation period, the people living here were allocated separate rooms. They are monitored for health and can take walks on the premises of the tourist population. A mask is also an item attached to them every day.

According to AFP , nurses will measure body temperature and check the symptoms of each individual to detect the earliest signs of acute pneumonia. Inside the resort is a volleyball play area for teenagers, an art class for toddlers and a space for adults to relax by a cup of coffee.

Luxury resort in the island nation of Maldives has turned into a concentrated isolation area after the two employees here were positive for Covid-19. Kuredu Island Resort & Spa’s website states that the quarantine’s residents include villas with private pools, beach bungalows and beach villas with hot tubs.

According to Ali Waheed, Tourism Minister of the Maldives, all people who have been exposed to two cases of Covid-19 during their stay are self-isolated and will be monitored for 14 days. Authorities have also banned travelers from Italy to the Maldives, as well as any travelers who have traveled to Europe in the past two weeks. 

A resort in the Dead Sea (Jordan) is becoming a 14-day free “resort” of isolated travelers. This upscale resort covers 6,000 square meters, has a swimming pool, nine restaurants and a spa offering famous Dead Sea salt treatments. Residents and foreigners entering Jordan will be taken to quarantined areas in Amman and the Dead Sea, regardless of whether or not there are symptoms.

The resort on the Bansko mountain in Bulgaria has been strictly quarantined due to the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic. Earlier, a 9-year-old British tourist was positive for the virus during his stay here. Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva said that there are currently about 200 foreign tourists in Bansko. Interior Ministry secretary Ivailo Ivanov said the checkpoints at the entrance and exit from the town would be staffed by other areas of Bulgaria. 

Hoi An Beach Resort (Vietnam) is used as a 4-star quarantine area, with a total of 121 rooms. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the garden, river or sea. The entire 4-star resort area has police and medical staff on duty. No one can get out without a good reason. During the quarantine period, guests will be assisted with the full cost.

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