South Asia is famous for its majestic roads, peaceful and hospitable people.


If you hear people say Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, you should be skeptical. Try surfing online, you will go from surprise to surprise.

South Asia is known throughout the tourism community for its beauty of its ridges, valleys, glaciers and forests. Five of the 14 highest peaks on the planet in Pakistan, including the famous K2 peak (pictured), belong to the challenging Karakoram range at 8,611 m.

If you are looking for trekking trails (hiking through many terrains), rowing, climbing, Pakistan is the indispensable name. Nanga Parbat peak is 8,125 m high, seen from Fairy meadow.

Friendly person

If you type a few keywords about Pakistan tourism, you will find many bloggers and websites devoted to the good words about Pakistani hospitality. Will Hatton, a writer for Brokebackpacker, can’t count how many cups of tea were offered by the natives. The more you go to the villages in the countryside, the warmth of the people increases.

You can ask to stay in their houses for a week, wander through glaciers or mountains, play cricket with children or enjoy dinner in the peaceful atmosphere. When choosing couchsufing – a form of homestay, you will be treated by many homeowners as distinguished guests and introduce their culture and land. Pictured is a local family preparing dinner at Balochistan province. 

May be escorted by the police

Many tourists have misunderstandings about the situation in Pakistan. You will have no problem traveling in this beautiful country and just remember to stay away from the border with Afghanistan.

Visitors can also often be escorted by the police. This does not mean that you are in a war zone or monitored, but simply that the police want to support to ensure the safety of each person.

Silk Road

Traveling in Pakistan is an opportunity for you to continue on the historic Silk Road. Marco Polo was one of the first Europeans to explore a route across the continent from Chang’an city (China) to Rome (Italy).

The “heart” of the Silk Road in Pakistan lies along the Karakoram mountain range, connecting India, West Asia and Central Asia. Today, the Karakoram arterial highway will take you through majestic, peaceful landscapes that are especially appealing to motorcyclists.

The best trekking roads in the world

Pakistan has walking routes to discover equally beautiful Nepal in both quality and quantity. Hundreds of walkways from days to weeks, all levels, ready to welcome every visitor. The laziest backpacker is also hard to resist to step forward to capture spectacular views. Fairy meadows, Margalla hills, Dunga Gali-Ayubia palace, Miranjani, Chitta Katha lake (photo), Naltar valley … are all familiar names for trekking lovers.

The 9th century Fort Derawar at Yazman Tehsil, Punjab, is a must-see destination in Pakistan.

Colorful culture

Tribes living separately in remote areas still preserve their own identity. In Chitral Province, tourists can visit the Kalash ethnic group which is quite different from the native Dardic people.

Kalash people have traditional beliefs and festivals from the ancient time. They wear hats and necklaces made from colorful beads. Coming to Pakistan, you will fall into a world of all kinds of vivid colors and full of discovery spirit.

Festivals, weddings, parties, Pakistan are not lacking as many people think.

You can see that Muslims, Christians or Hindus live in harmony. In addition, Pakistan was once a British colony, so many indigenous people could communicate in English so traveling around the country was not too difficult. 

Don’t miss the chance to try on these impressive jingle trucks as you immerse yourself in the country and people of Pakistan.

Trains are a fairly popular means of transportation besides buses across the province. This will be an opportunity for you to roam the impressive national highways or steep passes.

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