The prestigious Sony Photography Awards have published the most impressive travel photos of each country, selected from 345,000 entries. Vietnamese works are also honored to contribute.

Photographer Tien Sang Kok (Malaysia) took a picture of horses galloping at sunset on the plain in Mongolia. Commenting on the photo message, Tien Sang Kok said: “Traditionally, the Mongols viewed the absence of horses as a wingless bird.”

The moment when the fish swims in a large school, approaching the lens, creating a special scene in the deep sea recorded by Kam Moon Lai, a Hong Kong-based photographer in China.

“Ants” is the work of Italian photographer Roberto Corinaldesi. Under the paparazzi’s flycam, swimmers are just tiny dots, just like a giant ant colony.

Arvids Baranovs (Latvia) is the owner of a photo of a seasonal transition in the Romanian mountains. It is the image of trees changing colors, forming beautiful autumn vegetation.

The work “Standing on the edge of the Baltic Sea” was born in Lithuania’s homeland of photographer Andrius Aleksandravičius. The photo captures the emotions of the photographer “remembering the days when the weather was cold and windy, the sea looked like an attractive ice cream”.

The scene of an abandoned mining mine in the Svalbard Arctic Islands was captured by photographer Bjorn-Arild Schancke (Norway). The special thing about this piece is the beautiful aurora background.

On the journey to the Himalayas, photographer Kushal Shahi (Nepal) captured the moment when humans conquered nature. It was “a difficult journey but it brings incredible rewards”.

The photo, entitled “Horse Movement”, was recorded by the Arab photographer, Abbas Alkhamis, on his home town. The author has recorded an image of a horse breeder training his horse in Abu Dhabi.

Drying tea leaves is the first stage of the oolong tea production process in Vietnam. The photo was taken by photographer Tran Tuan of Vietnam, capturing the beautiful scenery where workers are spreading leaves, drying tea in the sun.

The work “Red Date” was taken by Thai photographer, Kiatthaworn Khorthawornwong, in the fall at Lake Kawaguchigo, Japan.

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