Before the strong outbreak of pneumonia in Europe, the Louvre Museum of France has officially stopped welcoming visitors on the last 1/3.

The Louvre is a famous European museum that attracts a large number of visitors every year. Before the outbreak of coronary pneumonia caused by corona virus, the museum was temporarily closed. “We are very worried because there are customers from everywhere. If the door is open to welcome guests, the risk is huge,” said Andre Sacristin, a Louvre employee.

Charles Lim and his wife from Singapore were disappointed by the information that the museum was closed because they chose Paris to celebrate their first wedding and buy tickets to visit the Louvre. “We waited about 3 hours before giving up. It’s disappointing,” Charles Lim said.

“The workers were required to wear protective masks, but so far only alcohol has been supplied to disinfect their hands, which has not satisfied us,” Sacristin museum staff said.

In a statement on his official Twitter account, the Louvre said: “The museum cannot be opened at this time.” At the same time, the museum also refunds tickets for guests who have booked in advance to visit the Sunday or Monday.

The French government’s decision to close the Louvre Museum prohibited public gatherings, especially where 5,000 tourists a day like the Louvre gather.

France, where 130 confirmed cases of virus infection and two deaths were caused by Covid-19, said it would ban the gathering of 5,000 or more people, close schools and cancel religious services at one. number of areas badly affected. At the same time, the marathon in Paris has been canceled.

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