Museum Siam Museum is one of the places to visit in Bangkok if you want to learn about the history, culture and people of Thailand.

Located next to the newly opened Sanam Chai subway station, the Museum Siam Museum is set inside the neoclassical building of the former Thai Ministry of Commerce headquarters.

Unlike traditional museums that merely display artifacts and pictures, Museum Siam offers visitors an interesting and unique view throughout the history of the golden temple country through 14 interactive multi-sensory rooms. .

Accordingly, the model is a “discovery museum”, the story of the history, culture, the development of the Thai nation from ancient times to the present day is vividly conveyed to visitors. through video, audio and interactive widgets.

Here, the ancient architecture, starting from the Ayutthaya period, is beautifully depicted with images of LED lights printed on modern glass.

In another interactive room, the historical story, with important milestones, is presented with undulating patterns of music, accompanied by voiceover in Thai and English via speakers.

Meanwhile, cuisine, one of the pride of Thailand, is introduced to visitors by an interactive table. When you place a dish with the name of the dish in the correct position on the table, the entire table will display the basic information of that dish.

Items commonly used in everyday life are also put into museums for exhibitions. This shows how to create a modern, innovative museum of the Thai people.

The area of ​​introduction to Buddhism (the most important religion in Thailand) is an indispensable place at Siam Museum. Here, a miniature model of famous monks in the history of the country is displayed, next to a QR code for visitors to scan smartphones and look up information.

Common costumes, throughout Thai history, are also displayed and arranged in chronological order. Admission to the museum is 100 baht (about 75,000 VND), well worth your experience.

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