After the financial events, the millionaire once found the truth of his life on the deserted island north of Queensland (Australia).

The city is no longer a suitable living environment for David Glasheen, the once popular millionaire of Australia. He hated the noisy and smoky life of big cities. The crowded carbon in the marketplace also made David choke. This man just wants a peaceful life on a small island in the north of Queensland like what has been through more than 20 years …v

Millionaire empty handed

David Glasheen is not born from the mountains like Tarzan. He used to be a successful businessman, living in the most luxurious apartment in Sydney. However, the gamble on the stock market in 1987 took David all. According to ABC estimates , currently, the amount of “evaporation” of David is worth about 37 million .

Suddenly losing a fortune, David seemed to fall into the abyss. His wife brought 2 daughters away. David seems to be turned around by the world. He immersed himself in alcohol due to excessive stress. David’s weight also increased without braking. During this time, David tried to start his business again, but to no avail. Millionaire once wandered in dormitories or slept in the car.

However, life also compensated for him with a rare fortune. In 1993, David’s friend introduced him to the island of Restoration (north of the city). At first glance, a millionaire once knew he had fallen in love with this island. It is the place that gives David peace after consecutive stumbles. At Restoration, his life will no longer be measured by money and fame.

The island is about 40 hectares wide, turquoise water and shady coconut trees in the sea breeze. A third-party lease agreement valid until 2039 was signed shortly thereafter. The contract states that David will build an eco-resort on Restoration Island.

David and his girlfriend Denika moved to the island with the dream of a tropical life on the paradise island. However, when their child was born, Denika changed her mind. She thought that Restoration was too dangerous for a child and left David to return to the mainland. Once again, David had nothing left.

A risky life

After Denika left with her young child, David continued his life on the deserted island. He lived in an old boat house and had to renovate many times over the years. Basically, David has everything he needs with solar lights and computers. Refrigeration and cooking can all be solved by gas cylinders. Fresh water is taken from the amount of rainwater remaining on the roof. In addition, he can also find running water in a hill basin.

David faced many problems when living on this island. The first is a mess with indigenous neighbors. His arrival at 1/3 of Restoration Island was not welcomed by them. They are the Kuuku Ya’u people living on the banks of the Lockhart River. “No one has told us about the development on this island. Go away. Take the money and return to your city,” the elders of the Kuuku Ya’u community shouted at David like that. .

It took several years for David to convince them to accept him. He admits he was wrong not to sit down and discuss with them about the decision to rent a third of the island. “They are people who have nothing to lose but ancestral history. We were wrong in the first place. However, now, we understand each other. They always keep an eye on me. If I do not respond they over a period of time, the person over there will come here to check if anything went wrong, “David said.

Life on a deserted island is provided by nature for everything from fresh water to food. He said he never had to worry about food shortages. “I can catch or trade by myself. I have homemade beer that can be traded with fishermen. A case of beer is equal to 20 kg of fish. And so on, I have everything fresh, from squid, oysters, shrimp, fish or octopus, “David said.

About every three weeks, he goes to Lockhart to buy things like eggs and milk. He said he was still washing clothes there, despite the fact, David barely wore any clothes. With things he couldn’t produce on his own, David turned to Cairns. Former millionaires often have to drive motorbikes, cars about 800 km to get here. Due to the long distance, he only does this once a year.

David always asserted he was in the safest place on the planet, but in reality it was not. The island of Restoration is located in the tornado belt. David understands what this means every time he looks at the empty roof of the raft house. After Hurricane Trevor 4, David described everything as “post-apocalyptic”. He had no phone and almost had a heart attack when he saw the boat buried under the sand.

Storms are an everlasting problem with island life. With David, he also faced an immediate danger – wildlife. A crocodile still loiters around the house where he lives. It was the culprit for the death of Locky, the dog David loved so much. “I would be crazy without a dog and a dog by my side,” he said.

Quassi, another dog of David, is bitten to death by the coastal taipan. Polly, meanwhile, dies of biting a snake crawling into David’s room while he is sleeping. At this time, David befriended another dog of the genus Dingo, named Zeddi.

What future for sa millionaire millionaire?

David’s life caught the attention of many people. As a result, he has more revenue from visitors. To those who come to the island, he welcomes them with some grilled fish.

Even so, David always dreamed of a more fulfilling life. He wanted to have a woman with him for the rest of his life. In 2008, he posted a search for dating people on a website. Adventure life on a strange island attracts them to the sa millionaire millionaire. He spends a lot of time talking to them. Some people have come here, living with David for a while.

However, they kept coming and going, after all, David was alone on the small island. He had a female dummy and claimed to be his girlfriend. It was the only consolation he could make in the meantime waiting for someone who shared his passion to appear.

The lack of women’s warmth is not the only problem David is facing. Recently, the Supreme Court of Queensland opened a trial regarding the use of Restoration Island. By agreement, David had to build a resort. Given the current situation, there is no reason to believe that the bankrupt millionaire will fulfill his pledge until 2039. In the worst case, David will be kicked back into the society he is sarcastic about. asphyxiation, shortness of breath.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m the one who looked after the island. I’ve reached my paradise and won’t go anywhere. I’ve had to spend my whole life to get here,” David said.

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