The world-famous tourist island nation is planning to reopen, hoping to welcome more tourists from East Asia.

According to SCMP , the president of the Maldives said the country’s tourism industry was frozen because of the Covid-19 epidemic. The island nation will plan to welcome tourists back when there are no new cases of the disease. Target tourists from this country are markets from China, Korea and Japan.

Accordingly, China was the largest tourist market in the Maldives last year with 284.029 visitors. This number accounts for nearly 17% of the total number of tourists coming here. Flights from China to the Maldives were halted on February 3, when a disease outbreak broke out in Wuhan (China).

Maldives also forecasts that the tourism industry of this country will recover within the next year. Foreign tourists are planning to return to the country, SCMP reported. Maldives President said some German travel companies are implementing summer tourism plans in the island nation. When the epidemic passes, tourism will explode in late 2020 and early 2021, the Maldives government representative added.

However, after the president’s announcements, the Maldives found more cases of Covid-19 infection in the two resorts, Grand Park Kodhipparu and JA Manafaru. Currently, these 2 properties are cordoned off for monitoring. Area resort on the island of Reethi also being closely quarantine.

The Maldives recorded the first two cases of Covid-19 on March 7, all of whom were tourists to the island. 2 cases were later returned to the country for treatment. To date, the total number of infections in the Maldives is 17 people, 11 cases have recovered and no deaths.

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