The book “Night Sky – Stargazing With The Naked Eye” contains over 200 stunning photos of distant planets, constellations and galaxies, helping you expand your view of the sky and the universe.

Impressive super moon image recorded on Glastonbury Tor hill, Somerset, England. The phenomenon occurs when the moon moves to the position closest to the earth, at which time you will see this satellite is bright and has a much larger size. In the photo, the supermoon appears to be about the size of St. Michael’s tower at Glastonbury.

Images of natural rocks in Cappadocia, Turkey are reminiscent of “fairy chimneys”. In the night sky full of sparkling stars, the beautiful picture is like a fairy. In the picture, the Taurus can be seen from above the highest “chimney”.

Lake Louise, Banff National Park, is one of the most beautiful galactic sights in Canada. If you come here in the middle of the night, when the lake is empty, you will have the opportunity to witness the mysterious galaxy in the sky. Lake Louise is known as the masterpiece of nature, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tromsø (Norway) is a famous rendezvous with aurora hunters. Aurora is the most spectacular natural phenomenon most visible near the extreme regions of the earth. When aurora occurs, the sky appears bands of light that are constantly moving and changing, looking like colored ribbons falling from above to the ground.

A romantic night sky view was recorded in Wellington, New Zealand. When the city lights up, shrouded in mist, you can easily see the stars and sparkling galaxies from Wrights Hill, Wellington.

The magnificent galaxy stretches across the night sky, reflecting down Cable Bay, near Nelson, New Zealand. The photographer took the astrophotography before the light faded in the sky.

A starry night photographed by a paparazzi on Chimborazo Mountain, Ecuador. In fact, Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the world, surpassing Everest, if measured from the distance from the top to the center of the earth. Therefore, many people think that when they come here, they will have the opportunity to “touch hands” to the stars.

Writing-on-Stone Park (Canada) is both a nature reserve and a place for storing indigenous stone carvings of indigenous people. The photographer captured the moment when the Milky Way glowed in the night sky, creating a mysterious, unreal view from the park.


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