Hoh Rain Forest (USA) has a wild beauty, attracting devotees to explore and adventure. Giant trees, dyed with moss create a mystical look for the forest.

Located on the Olympic peninsula, west of Washington state, Hoh Rain is one of the largest rainforests in the United States. Standing in the middle of the forest, visitors will feel small, as if swallowed by giant mossy tree trunks. From a distance, Hoh Rain conjures up the “goblin forests” that are only found in fairy tales.

Owning a humid tropical climate and large average rainfall, the vegetation here is strongly and densely growing, especially mosses and ferns. The large trunk, peculiar shapes also cause many fear for visitors.

There are giant coniferous trees such as oak, cedar … with the height up to 60-70 m. Each branch reaches tens of meters in length, with dense foliage, covered with green moss. Hoh Rain also owns the coastal Douglas fir, which belongs to the second highest conifer family in the world, with a life expectancy of 500-1,000 years.

In particular, every time the old tree falls down, countless seedlings will race to grow. Their roots embrace the decaying tree trunk to attract nutrients, thereby developing more and more luxuriant. Coming here, besides admiring the impressive beauty of the ancient trees covered with green moss, visitors can also see wildlife in the deep forest.

Inside the mysterious, dense rain forest, you will find the Hall of Mosses moss path covered all sides with green moss. It attracts paparazzi come to create unique, magical frames. In the world of green moss, you will be completely creative, living virtual with many unique “concepts”.

The forest welcomes visitors at all times of the year. During the winter, the forest receives large average rainfall, so the vegetation is still dense. Mosses and ferns take advantage of the favorable environment, clinging to the trees of the conifer family, creating a spectacular three-dimensional space in the green moss world. 

With fresh air, cool, faint incense, this place is an ideal travel destination for visitors to the United States. Here, you will have many interesting experiences such as waterfall, exploring the rich world of flora and fauna, conquering long forest paths, watching beautiful natural paintings like fairy … 

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