6 mysterious cities sunk to the bottom of the sea so far still contain many unanswered questions.

1.Dwarka (India):

According to folklore, the Dwarka citadel is said to be the home of Krishna, the Hindu god who embodies love. Ruins of this legendary land have been discovered on the ocean floor of Dwarka city, Gujarat state, India. The structural complexity of the city has hindered research experts.

2.Port Royal (Jamaica):

Built with 4 fortresses and 2,000 buildings in the 17th century, the city of Port Royal was once a hotspot for piracy. Famous pirates like Blackbeard often turn Port Royal into a base to raid treasure ships. Until 1692, an earthquake caused the city to sink to the bottom of the Caribbean.

3.Yonaguni Jima Pyramid (Japan):

Experts argue that whether these mysterious pyramids lying on the sea floor in Japan were created by humans or a natural phenomenon. These structures were created during the last ice age, about 10,000 BC. These structures are shaped like pyramids found in Mexico and Central America.

4.Lion City (China):

Lion City in China is one of the most beautiful underwater structures on the ocean floor. This place is over 1,400 years old, was built in the Han Dynasty and stretches over an area of ​​62 football fields.

5.Pavlopetri (Greece):

The city of Pavlopetri in Greece has been submerged since 5,000 years ago. No one knows the name of this city. Pavlopetri is the name given to the ancient city. Archaeologists think this place was part of the Minoan Dynasty that was destroyed by the earthquake.

6.Epecuen (Argentina):

While most underwater cities date back to ancient times, Epecuen is arguably the most recent sunken place. In the 1970s, the city was home to about 5,000 residents with 300 businesses operating here. However, from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, it was sunk.

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