On a sunny March day all the way, after an hour on a train from the neighboring city of Florence, I touched the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

No one is no stranger to the name Pisa – the leaning tower is a UNESCO World Heritage site, even I bet everyone has at least once seen pictures of the tower somewhere in books or movies. image. Famous for that, but I still wondered why the tower had such a strange structure. It was my curiosity about the leaning tower that urged me to take a train to visit this beautiful land as soon as I got the chance.

leaning tower of pisa

When I arrived at Pizza del Miracoli (the miraculous square), where the leaning tower of Pisa was located, all I could do was say, “Oh, so beautiful!” Not only me, but my friends and the visitors, all marveled at the beauty of the beautiful campus facilities.

Most people pay attention to the strange leaning tower, but few people realize that the tower is just one of the four buildings on the Piazza del Miracoli campus including: church, baptism, meaning page and bell tower. You will be surprised at the fact that the Pisa tower was built to make the bell tower adorn the church. But look, the little bell tower has brought fame to the land of Pisa as well as the whole of Italy!

The leaning tower is due to … careful calculations!

The story of the leaning tower of Pisa began in 1173, when it began to be built. Five years later, the bell tower completed only three of the eight floors of the manuscript, however, right now, the whole tower began to tilt to the north. Until eight tower floors were completed with many unsuccessful efforts to cure the building, the tower tilted a little more each year. In 1990, the inclination reached 5.5 degrees, the difference between the top of the tower and the base of the tower was 4.6 m. But do not worry that the leaning tower will collapse … because in 2008, another attempt to make the tower 48 cm more straight than before and is the first time the tower stopped moving in 800 years. Moreover, experts estimate that the Pisa leaning tower will be stable for at least another 200 years, so visiting the leaning tower at this time is still extremely safe.

leaning tower of pisa

The explanation for the tower’s gradual tilting over time is due to the topography of Pisa, which has soft ground with main components of clay, sand and mud. In addition, the inaccurate calculation of the architects is also the cause of the strange shape of the tower today.

In Italy there is a very strange rumor: if you are a student and climb all 274 steps to reach the top of the Tower of Pisa, you … will have difficulty graduation! It sounds irrelevant, but with the mentality “to worship is sacred, to abstain from goodness”, I decided to just watch Pisa from the outside, though unfortunately the opportunity to go to the top of the tower to see the whole city.

The famous Piazza del Miracoli Square is considered to be an extremely important religious center. Because of this, the constructions here have a very special meaning: they represent the main stages of every human life. The Baptistery represents the birth, the church of Santa Maria Assunta carries the meaning of life, and the cemetery (Camposanto) certainly represents death. The architecture both inside and outside of these constructions is also extremely special and beautiful, making you definitely admire.

leaning tower of pisa

Because it is built on soft ground, if you are observant, you will find that the church and baptism are not straight. However, the two buildings were built on a large area so they could not be tilted to one side like the Pisa tower, so it could not be famous as the leaning tower.

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