The private jet looks like a luxurious apartment sold for $ 110 million with full bedrooms for 17 people.

The ACJ320neo aircraft designed by Yves Pickardt was acquired by the UK-based airline Acropolis. This aircraft is like a luxurious flying apartment in the sky.

The space inside the aircraft is widely installed with many bedrooms and bathrooms.

The interior is selected with high quality. High-quality leather sofa and expensive mahogany bed. Shower in the bathroom is also said to be the largest ever on an Airbus aircraft.

This vehicle has enough room for 17 people to sleep and 19 people to sit. The fuel tanks can carry a distance of more than 9,600 km – the distance from London (UK) to Seattle (USA) or New York (USA) to Tokyo (Japan).

The aircraft is also said to be environmentally friendly by the new engine and shark wings. This design allows for better fuel consumption.

Jonathan Bousfield, managing director of Acropolis, said: “This particular aircraft will set new standards of comfort and happiness for the VIP customer segment. Its design makes the most of the space. cabin “.

You can own a private plane to have fun with 16 friends on a distance of over 9,000 km non-stop. The only problem is $ 110 million , the amount to spend to buy this luxury apartment.

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