Recently, Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi Webber and friends went to the Bahamas to relax. The billionaire has rented a luxurious Airbnb called Rosalita on Beach Harbor Island.

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to luxury vacations. She often appears on the beautiful beaches around the world with friends and family. The most recent trip, according to what the beauty posted on Instagram, was in the Bahamas.

Instead of staying at a hotel, Jenner rented a private and luxurious villa as a resting place for his group. Rosalita Villa was chosen by the billionaire on Beach Harbor Island, near the famous pink sand beach of the Bahamas. 

The main building has 5 bedrooms, enough space for 12 people, and a guest house with rooms for 2 people. Rosalita is being leased on Airbnb for $ 11,054 / night. 

This villa has a private pool overlooking the Caribbean sea, with jump bridges and underwater benches.

The female billionaire does not hesitate to show off her tanned skin in the mansion’s premises.

Jenner and his group seem to love the pool, as evidenced by the number of photos taken here.

Guests who do not want to swim can sunbathe in the nearby beds, or relax on the porch. This area has a bar and grill for guests to use.

The interior of the villa is decorated, arranged in an elegant and sophisticated style. Vaulted ceilings make the space become spacious and airy.

Large windows are arranged throughout the mansion, giving visitors a view of the water whenever they want.

All 5 bedrooms have a private bathroom. Owner’s room and guest house area have private porch.

In addition, this villa also has a private sea exit, providing privacy for guests here, helping Jenner and his group to avoid the paparazzi.

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