The pool hidden in the middle of green forest, inlaid pool or infinity pool in the air … is a meeting place to attract tourists. Visitors will have a new experience when immersed in these places.

Marina Bay Sands (Singapore): Luxury Marina Bay Sands hotel is located in the busiest commercial area of ​​lion island. It is famous for the world’s largest halfway sky swimming pool with a length of nearly 150 m. This infinity pool is located on the 57th floor, in SkyPark, the rooftop of a luxurious building.

From a distance, the SkyPark tank looks like a boat across the roof of 3 attractive skyscrapers. Thanks to its beautiful location, the infinity pool always attracts tourists from around the world to visit. The experience of taking a dip and admiring the panoramic view of Marina Bay at this unique pool is worthwhile to any visitor here.

Alila Villas Uluwatu (Indonesia): This 5-star resort is located on a cliff overlooking the sea in Bali. The hotel impresses with the infinity pool designed at an altitude of 100 m above sea level, with views of the Indian Ocean.

From the end of the pool, you can freely admire the majestic scenery of the horizon. The blue lake and transparent glass partition help visitors feel like they’re floating in midair. 

Hanging Gardens Of Bali (Indonesia): This luxurious Bali resort is located halfway up the side of the valley on the Ayung River. It owns a swimming pool with a 2-storey design simulating unique terraces.

The swimming pool impresses with the surrounding green forest. The view overlooking the Pura Dalem Segara temple is also a highlight that immerses visitors in this vast space. This is an ideal place for you to relax in the cool water and enjoy the feeling of harmony with nature.

St. Regis Lhasa Resort (China): Gold Energy is a popular swimming pool at St. Regis Lhasa in Tibet. The swimming pool is luxuriously designed with regal style. The underlay tiles are all gold plated. This place brings both relaxation and makes you feel like the ancient king. The attractive beauty of the pool will also make visitors experience overwhelmed.


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