Sunset is a beautiful moment at the end of the day, attracting paparazzi. It is the romantic purple sky in Paris, an ancient, magnificent Rome in the afternoon …

The magical sunset in Paris (France) is recorded on the banks of the Seine, with a view overlooking the magnificent Eiffel Tower in the distance. The sky, the surface of the water and all the pink light make for a beautiful moment.

Sydney (Australia) : Syney Opera or “scalloped theater” becomes prominent under the sunset. The modern architecture reflects the orange-purple tinted water, creating an impressive end of the day.

Cappadocia (Turkey): Cappadocia in Central Turkey is known for its beautiful landscapes such as fairy tales, caves, mystical temples and magnificent rocks. At sunset, the colorful sky is dotted with thousands of hot air balloons.

Rome, Italy : A peaceful sunset scene is recorded at St. Peter’s Basilica. Peter, on the banks of the Tiber. Against the background of orange peaches, the architecture of the church is unique and unique.

Santorini (Greece) : Houses of white and blue tones become warmer under sunset. The Aegean coast is dyed in brilliant color, which is a beautiful spot for sunset in Greece.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) possesses clear blue beaches, charming, beautiful nature. The scenery “sun down the Ipanema sea” is equally brilliant, attracting tourists to Brazil.

Prague (Czech Republic) : The famous Charles Bridge in Prague offers impressive views whenever the city gradually sinks into darkness. In the twilight, the old buildings and the Vltava River became more peaceful than ever.

Canyonlands National Park ( Utah) is one of the interesting sunset spots in the world. More than 300,000 canyons and colorful, more magical transformations at the end of the day.

The Taj Mahal (India) retains magnificent, spectacular beauty when the sun goes down. From a distance, the temple is dyed pink, subtle and mysterious when sunset.

Serengeti Wildlife Sanctuary (Tanzania) offers breathtaking natural spectacle. The native lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffaloes “play” in the vast wilderness, under the sunset, reminiscent of the legendary movie “Lion King”.

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