Freezing hair is an annual competition in Canada that attracts hundreds of participants.

The hair-cooling contest took place in Takhini hot spring, Canada. During the competition, participants will dip their heads in hot springs and then style their hair or beards into eye-catching shapes. The cold outside air will freeze the hairs.

Participants will be voted in 5 different categories, including the most impressive male hair, the best female, the best contest group, the most creative group, the contestant who voted the audience the most. This year, the competition attracted nearly 300 participants.

The winners will be announced on 1/4. Accordingly, each person will receive $ 2,000 bonus and a free service of soaking in a hot spring.

The representative of the organizers of the contest shared: “ Last year the competition had 4 prizes. Each prize worth 750 USD . This year, we will award 5 prizes. Each recipient will receive 2,000 USD . Value Higher awards by a Korean instant noodle company sponsored us “.

To stay healthy, participants are encouraged to keep their ears warm by regularly immersing them in hot water. A minus 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal air condition for you to style your desired hair.

Once the icing on the hair is available, participants will ring the bell near the pool entrance and get ready to pose for a staff member to take photos of them. The competition has brought many impressive hair. The photos will be publicized and start receiving thousands of attention, follow and support of everyone.

Canada is known to have a very cold climate in the winter. At this time, the temperature here is always below 0 degrees C. From December to April, many places are still covered with snow. Therefore, soaking in a warm hot spring is an experience visitors should not miss when coming here. The novel freezing hair styling in the hot water to check-in is also a memorable memory for your trip.


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