In the next decade, the aviation industry is expected to grow rapidly, allowing you to experience the best services such as free Wi-Fi, the updated flight situation …

Technology will play more roles at airports than ever before and is the main driver in creating the best travel experience for customers. Nina Brooks, director of security, IT support for the International Airport Council (ACI), added: “Today’s technological innovations are especially necessary for the way a the airport because the number of global passengers is expected to double by 2040. ” 

Biometric passenger identification: This technology allows you to verify your identity at the departure gate through fingerprints, facial features. Singapore’s Changi Airport has recently started testing at Terminal 4, allowing passengers to not need to present their passports at the departure gate. Instead, they will be identified by close-up scanners. British Airways has also installed biometric technology for all domestic flights departing from Heathrow station 5.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to help operate airports better, especially for large-scale airports. From this year, British Airways is testing robots at Heathrow Station 5. These robots interact with passengers in multiple languages ​​and can answer dozens of questions related to passengers’ flight information. They can even move around the station and take customers to the service, consulting areas …

The aviation applications will be upgraded: You can get the weather information, departure gates, suggestions for the nearest restaurant and cafe through the application on your phone. In the future, the New York airport authority will provide an application that allows you to order food, items and deliver goods directly to the airport. 

Automation gradually replaces people: More and more ground service equipment at airports is automated including ramps, jet bridges and cargo and luggage trucks. Last year, Heathrow tested automatic ramps and Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in Manitoba, Canada also introduced the first automatic snow plow in North America.


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