Covid-19 outbreak, Hong Kong (China), the most crowded and bustling tourist destination in the world, suddenly became a gloomy and desolate land.

Quiet transportation system

Owning a developed and modern transportation network, Hong Kong (China) is said to be one of the busiest areas in Asia. However, when the corona virus epidemic struck the city, the land, sea and air transport centers became unusually quiet. Different from the bustling, busy days, logistic activities here are moderate and slow. The streets of Hong Kong are often crowded with vehicles suddenly becoming quiet. School buses are always in public parking since the outbreak. Inbound and outbound flights are significantly reduced. The train station and ferry terminal also became deserted for daily trips.

The operation takes place in quiet

At Hong Kong International Airport, where the days are always crowded and busy, very few tourists come and go. Everyone landed at the airport and left quickly. Similar to airports, transit stations, ferries, restaurants, streets or many of the most crowded areas sometimes become empty. However, service activities still occur as long as employees are wearing protective masks. The Covid-19 epidemic and its anti-epidemic policies have greatly reduced the number of visitors. Along with many other famous tourist destinations, Disney Resort here has also announced its closure indefinitely.

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