Gstaad is a small village located in southwestern Switzerland. This place has long been considered a familiar resort of the upper class with expensive services.


Gstaad is considered the resort of the elite by many famous rich people who have had vacations here such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana, designer Valentino, star Madonna … The village has hotels. luxury and many wooden villas for rent at an expensive price, with modern utilities.


Hotels like Grand Hotel Park, Alpina Gstaad, Gstaad Palace, Grand Hotel Bellevue … are high-class accommodation facilities in Gstaad, which are expensive. The sauna and spa services are popular here when guests come to resort in the winter. Luxury accommodations offer relaxation options such as jacuzzi, Turkish steam bath, and Greek Greek dry sauna. 


Gstaad Resort is popular in the winter because it is considered an ideal skiing place. Visitors to the area will ski on permanent ice in Glacier 3000. This area is located at an altitude of 3,000 m above sea level. The ski point is 10 km long, passing through the beautiful locations of the Bernese Alps.


Gstaad is located in a secluded area with noisy urban areas, suitable for travelers who wish to relax. The village is about 55 km north of Bern and 140 km northeast of Zurich. Many high-class tourists often choose to travel by helicopter to Gstaad.


Not only high-class accommodation, isolated ski resorts, Gstaad also has its own shopping street with luxury fashion brands in the world. The high-end fashion shops here are also the favorite check-in points.


The features of this resort are houses, shops designed in Alpine architecture, with wooden materials, pointed roofs, decorated with pine, natural harmonious colors. The scene here creates a cozy feeling amidst the white snow. 


The upscale tourists come to Gstaad not only for quiet relaxation but also to participate in many cultural events such as watching the Hublot Polo Golg Cup polo, enjoying classical music at Menuhin Festival Gstaad.

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