Moonlight Buttress, USA or Castle Hill, New Zealand is a great challenge for adventurous believers.

Climber Logan Barber swings on the red Firewall wall of Firewall in China’s Yunnan province. Firewall 180 m high, is one of the two most dangerous climbing routes in the country.


Photographs in the book Fifty Places To Rock Climb Before You Die (50 cliff certain to challenge once in a lifetime) by Chris Santella American author, by the British newspaper The Guardian World thieu.

Giant limestone columns form a dome at Railay Beach, Krabi Province, southern Thailand, which attracts many climbers to experience. Railay has white sand beaches and many monkeys.

Devil’s Crack is one of the hard-to-conquer cliffs, spread across the valleys and forests of Frankenjura. This is the 2nd largest adventure climbing area in southern Germany.

The Arco vertical cliff is located in the Sarca valley – the “heart” of Lake Garda area, northeastern Italy. Arco Limestone Citadel is the perfect place to practice climbing with levels ranging from easy to difficult, where the annual Rock Master rock climbing festival is held.

Rätikon steep cliff in the Alps, is an adventure climbing place in Switzerland. Rätikon has a 15-kilometer stone wall, divided into two parts, the western part near the village of Schluders and the eastern part near the See von Partnun lake.

Kletterzentrum gym climbing center, in Innsbruck city, Austria designed climbing walls covering an area of ​​6,000 m2. There is a separate training area for professionals and non-professionals.

Climbers Timy Fairfield “hangs” with one hand clinging to the cliffs of Castle Hill, near Christchurch city in South Island, New Zealand. Castle Hill is a huge limestone rock, used to be the setting for the movie Narnia Annette Fiction released in 2005. 

Mountain climber Leslie Timms is conquering the Lion’s Head cliff at the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada. Niagara Escarpment has a wonderful landscape, stretching for 725 km, covering an area of ​​1,923 km2 and has a cliff point of about 335 m high.

Moonlight Buttress is 1,363 m high, known as the most spectacular, vertical and spectacular sandstone cliff in the world, located in Zion gorge of Zion National Park, Utah, USA.

El Potrero Chico is a popular climbing place, with unique geological formations of cliffs and limestone towers up to 610 m high, located in the northeastern state of Nuevo León, Mexico.

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